Follow The White Rabbit - Datamining - localo

Category: Gamehax
Difficulty: Hard
Author: LiveOverflow
Dependencies: Follow The White Rabbit - Cave


It looks like the prison is still under construction on the currently shipped game... But I heard somebody figured out, that early parts of the unreleased content accidentally leaked into this release! Can you find it and follow the white rabbit? Game Trailer


The author provides a unity game. Two flags are hidden inside it.


The second flag is in another scene, we need to overlay it on top of the standard scene.
I wrote a short C# library that can be injected using SharpMonoInjector I used Cheat-Engine to get all necessary information. (The dissect mono option is quite handy)
I implemented a console and a teleport and load command.
The load command just overlays the two scenes.
I went to the coordinates -83 205 24 and pressed F3 to open the console, used the load command and tp -83 217 24, walked to the display and got the flag.