Maze - M4z3 Runn3r - localo

Category: Gamehax
Difficulty: Hard
Author: LiveOverflow


Complete the scorch trials in under 5 seconds!

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The author provided a game called maze we have to solve some challenges to get the flags.
There is a little race we have to go quickly from checkpoint to checkpoint till the end in under 5 seconds.


We have to find a bug in the anti cheat to gain more speed.
Since the anti cheat probably just checks if our current velocity is less than a certain threshold and we send a timestamp inside our position packet, we can just spoof the time difference to make the server think that our velocity is quite low.
v=ΔsΔtv = \frac{\Delta s}{\Delta t}
If Δt\Delta t is large, vv is small. I used A* to calculate my route. Inside the cheat UI the user has just to click inside the map to set the destination and hit the TP button to fast-travel to that point.