Maze - Map Radar - localo

Category: Gamehax
Difficulty: Medium
Author: LiveOverflow


There are rumours of a player who found a secret place and walks in a weird pattern. A radar map could be useful.

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The author provided a game called maze we have to solve some challenges to get the flags.
As the title says, we have to implement a radar.


I wrote a parser for the npc position packets and dumped the map using Ninja Ripper link, filtered the maze tiles, imported it into blender and rendered it to a png using a top view. I cleaned it up using Gimp and exported it to a 64x64 bmp.

The ingame maze is roughly 480x480, we have to add some offsets to the position, I calculated those by flying to the edges.
The implementation of the map was not that gard for me, since I wrote something similar for CS:GO Youtube.
I noticed a player, who was under the map, walking a weird pattern, the uid is -0x1337, I wrote a tracer and got the flag.